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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of creating an "app" and not simply converting my book to an eBook?

When you convert a book to ePub, it will convert in to a single package of continuous text and images. On eReader devices, a "page" is simply the amount of content that will fit on a single screen, which will vary depending on your reader's device. Think of it in terms of a single Web page. Part of converting to ePub involves removing much of the printed page-based formatting (page numbers, headers and footers, page breaks, etc.). These are irrelevant in the eReading context.

However when an app is created for a book, additional features can be added such as "zoom in/ zoom out to allow large tables, chart and illustrations to be viewed at the full size of the tablet's screen, in color. Audio and video tracks as well as animation can be embedded to make it more vital. Additional search capabilities and other features are also available.

2. How long does it take to publish an eBook?

The time required depends on the quality of the manuscript we receive, the choice of features you select, and on the length of time you take to review the proofs. For example to convert a correctly formatted PDF of your manuscript to an epub file and deliver it back to you will take 48hours once we receive your complete submission. Enhanced eBooks and eBook apps will from 5 to 15 days depending on your selection of "extras" and the quality and quantity of audio and video files.

3. How long will it take for my ebook/enhanced eBook/ebook app to show up in the iBookstore/app store or other eRetail outlets?

eBook distribution to the iBookstore is a multi-step process that requires Apple. Due to the high demand and popularity of eBooks and an increase in volume we are currently unable to provide timing on when your ebook will become available in the iBookstore.

4. How much do I make on each sale?

Many retailers will regulate the pricing of your book in their store. As a result, the total revenue is divided up by percentage. For example, if you distribute your work on Apple, they will take home 30% of the sales revenue, eBooksgo would receive a 10% cut for managing your distribution, and you would receive 60% of the royalties from your eBook’s sales in the iBooks store.

5. When do I get Paid?

Royalty payments are issued for every $50 earned and vary by each retailer selling your eBook. The amount you earn from each sale depends on both the price of your book and the retailer’s determined royalty rate. However, if your book does not reach the $50 threshold during the course of the year, you will receive a royalty payment the following January for the total revenue earned within the year.

6. How old do I have to be to publish my book with you?

You can be of any age to publish with us; however, if you are a minor, you will need to have a parent or legal guardian to co-sign your Publishing Agreement and authorize payment for your publishing services.

7. What do you mean by "templates"?

Templates are "patterns" into which we place your manuscript and images. Each template offers you a unique design, so you can choose the one you like best. Templates allow us to create your eBook quickly and with highly reliable quality assurance.

8. May I supply my own cover?

Absolutely! If you have already designed a cover for your eBook, we are more than happy to adopt your design. If you need help designing a cover we can help

9. May I supply my own epub file?

Yes of course. However you are responsible for the quality of the final eBook. If you are converting the files yourself make sure that there aren’t any spellings or formatting errors as we cannot make any changes to your converted file.

10. If I only want an eBook conversion, is distribution still included?

Yes! Authors can select from 10 different stores in our vast eBook distribution network. Apple, Barnes & Noble,, Google, Kobo, as well as the leading library distributors of Baker & Taylor, bibliotheca, hoopla, Mackin, and OverDrive are all included in our network. If you ordered a Mobi eBook conversion, our team can help you upload your title to Amazon as well through its Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

11. Will my eBook have an ISBN?

Yes, your eBook will be assigned the International Standard Book Numbers required by book sales channels to track and order your books. Note that each version, eBook or Enhanced eBook requires a different ISBN as do subsequent editions of the eBook. If you make changes to the eBook or add additional material or functionality you are required to change the ISBN. See Useful links for details.

12. Can I use one ISBN number for both my eBooks and print books?

No. Each version of your book - printed; eBook or Enhanced eBook must have its' own unique ISBN. However an eBook app does not require an ISBN.

13. Will I retain all copyrights to my book?

Yes. You will retain all copyrights and intellectual property rights to your books.

14. Will you proof read and correct my manuscript?

No. We will not proof or correct your original submitted manuscript file unless you specifically request this as an additional service. Your book will look exactly the same as the printed version or PDF as the screen sizes will not be the same as the original printed pages. Also if you are concerned about the formatting of your original files you should consider purchasing our formatting services.

15. Are there any potential conversion restrictions and additional fees?

Possibly. In the rare occurrence where the complexity of the original manuscript file requires work outside the scope of our service, we will either decline to do the conversion or submit a quote for the additional work based on an hourly rate of $60 per hour. In some instances conversion may take longer and we will notify you with a revised time-line on your file conversion and app creation prior to starting production.

16. Will my Credit Card information be Secure?

Yes. After your transaction is complete we do not store your credit card information anywhere in our system. When you purchase an app for your next book you will have to re-enter your credit card information again.

17.Will my print books appear in stores?

There will be a print option in online stores. Brick and mortar distribution will depend on sales within our partnering retailer Ingram.

18.My book is more than 200 pages. Can I still print with you?

Of course! Just note that any additional page beyond the 200 limit will incur a charge of $3.99 per page.

19.What trim size is best for my genre?

It depends on the genre. You can find a list of recommended trim sizes for each of our genres on the Print Publishing page.

20.How many copies should I print?

It depends on what you can afford and how high your demand is. However, a good starting point for new authors is 300 copies.