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Get A Stunning, Professional Author Website Design

Get a Stunning Author Website with eBooks2go

A website is the foundation of every author platform. It begins the conversation with your new fans, establishes your online presence on search engines, and directs readers to your relevant web pages.

eBooks2go possesses the insight and IT background to take your author website where it needs to go. Every page we design is thoroughly tested before it is launched so we can guarantee easy navigation, flawless functionality, and the entertaining experience your fans deserve. Additionally, your content and book will be presented in a way that complements your genre, while every web page is optimized for first-page rankings on search engines.

Don’t cut corners. Create a stunning, professional author website design with eBooks2go.

Get a Stunning Website

Captivating Home Pages

Astonishing banners, fonts, and layouts that will instantly hook your reader.

Glamorous Book Displays

Your published work will be elegantly showcased. Every one of your titles will be featured on vibrant landing pages with radiant cover images, enticing book descriptions, and glowing endorsements of each book.

Responsive Design

Intelligent web pages that easily adapt to your reader’s screen size.

A Fan Base Builder

All of eBooks2go’s author websites are integrated with your social media pages, creating a direct path for your fans to connect. Our web developers can create web forms for any giveaways and newsletters to help you grow your email list.

Your Own Bookstore

Our advanced author website designs include a direct selling option with secure online checkouts, giving you the chance to collect sales without involving a third party.

Seamless Navigation

Simplified headings and menus will make it easy for readers to find your books and blog. Our standard author websites also offer convenient single-page navigation, which means your readers will not have to worry about retracing their steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I have eBooks2go update the design of an existing website?
A: Yes, our team can easily perform author website design updates to existing websites. After you place your order you will need to send our team the login credentials to your websites Admin page.
Q: Will you maintain my website?
A: Yes, our tech support team will maintain your website. Just send an email to whenever you need any assistance.
Q: Where can I find a website made by eBooks2go?
A: Our team has produced several of the finest author websites you see today. One example of eBooks2go’s high-quality work is John Morgan Mullen’s website. Check it out here:
Q: Who writes the content for my website?
A: If you want eBooks2go to update an existing website, then our team will use the text and images you already had in place. However, if our team is creating a new site from scratch, then our marketing specialists will write captivating and enticing copy for your web pages. Copywriting for blog posts is not included.
Q: Will I get to see my author website before it goes live?
A: Of course! We will email you mock web pages for your review to ensure that we design an author website that matches your style and the tone of your book.
Q: Who will host my website?
A: We will host your website. The first year is free, but at the start of year two, you would need to pay a hosting fee of $200 per month.

How to Get a Stunning Author Website

Buy a domain name for your website

Place an order for our professional author website design service

Send us the domain name as well as a list of what should appear on each page of your author website

Provide high-quality photos of your book covers and self-portraits

Test the mock web pages to guarantee an enjoyable user experience

Create a Gorgeous Author Website Today!

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