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Sales Tracking

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Sales Tracking Made Simple

Selling your books on a global scale can be extremely complex, and something that most authors are not fully equipped to handle. eBooks2go offers authors the tools to succeed with a sales tracking system that simplifies your sales information. Our system tracks your sales from all platforms across different currencies and business models. eBooks2go then consolidates all of your sales data into one convenient place, providing you with all of the information you need for a competitive advantage.

All of Your Sales Data in One Location

Manage all of your sales reports on one easy-to-use platform. Don't waste precious time with Excel spreadsheets or pivot tables. Let eBooks2go’s system provide a holistic view of your monthly and yearly sales in one place. By leaving the numbers to us, you can spend more time writing the next great novel.

Monthly Sales Reports

Authors receive monthly sales reports from their eBook retailers. In the past, you had to wait more than three months to measure the success of your eBook marketing and sales initiatives. With our sales tracking system, you can see the impact your book is having on the market within one month.

Make Your Book Available to Emerging Markets

Our sales tracking system allows you to view crucial data such as growing market trends, your eBook top-performing regions, and potential new markets and libraries worldwide. This data will help you decide which markets to penetrate and diversify your channels. Utilize your sales reports and historic data in one intuitive system and bring your eBook sales to new heights.

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