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We love publishing children’s books. We can’t help but smile when we see a child’s eyes light up with excitement or pretending to be one of your book’s characters. You probably enjoy that last one too. So, join us in our mission to spread joy to young readers and inspire the imagination of tomorrow’s writers.
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The Path to Becoming a Bestselling Children’s Book Author

eBooks2go is the ultimate children’s book publishing navigator. Our team listens to your ideas, advises you on the best way to present your story, and provides the guidance that steers you toward self-publishing success. From picture books, to board books, and even coloring books, we have a tremendous amount of experience in the world of children’s literature. Whether you want to go with an eBook, interactive eBook, or a printed book, eBooks2go has the knowledge and resources to make your book a bestseller.

What We Publish

Alphabet Books

Board Books

Chapter Books

Early Readers

Fairy Tales


Interactive Read-Along Books

Picture Books

Rhyming Books

Our Publishing Process

When you are ready to publish your children’s book, send us your final manuscript and/or storyboard. We then send your files to the illustrator with the most appropriate art background for your book. At the same time, another illustrator will work on creating the perfect front cover. Once all of the artwork is finished, a mock design will be sent to you for review and approval. However, if you provide us with illustrations when submitting your final manuscript to us, your book would jump directly into the composition and eBook formatting stages.

After a thorough inspection of your print and eBook files, we then release your book to all of our partnering retailers.

Check out some of our latest releases and submit your book idea. We can’t wait to hear your story.

1 Week 2-3 Weeks 1-2 Months 3-6 Months

Our Notable Titles

Nene El Ganso Hawaiano

NeNe el Ganso hawaiano es una diversion lleno la aventura de viajes rimada NeNe protagonizado el ganso favorito. Hahn usa su amor por especies en peligro de extinciOn.

Although The Voice Is Small It Serves Great Purpose

The title reflects what I learned about people (young and old) after casual conversations. Their feelings were: Who would listen to me? Who cares what I have to say?


El Mundo Del Eshe celebra Eshe el Elefante Etiope y sus Amigos Del Bosque Lluvioso De Africa especiales: Tigre Blanco, Rana Morada, Mono Azul, Delfin Rosado, Serpiente Amarilla, Bongo, NeNe, Rana Del Platano.

My Bodyworks

Learning about the body just got more exciting! Young children will discover how their bodies work when they read and sing along with fun and fact-filled songs. How many bones are in each of your feet

The Little Blue Dog

Meet Louie, The Little Blue Dog! This tail-wagging story of a small dog who ends up in a shelter will tug at your heart. Louie teaches children, in an age appropriate way, the importance of hope.

Disturbing the Peace - An Amity Kids Adventure

Disturbing the Peace is an Amity Kids adventure, co-authored by acclaimed Australian writers Ken Spillman and Jon Doust, with illustrations

Book Marketing and Distribution

When it comes to marketing and distribution, nobody knows the children’s market better than eBooks2go. Our book marketing specialists work with you pre- and post-launch, coordinating every aspect of your book’s release. We also introduce your wonderful new children’s book to the world through press releases, email blasts, and charming social media ads.

Additionally, we distribute your book through the widest network of channels available including everyone’s favorite bookstores, and the largest school and library retailers. No other self-publishing company can match this making it clear that eBooks2go should be the final destination for your children’s book.


Behind every children’s picture book publisher is an incredible team of illustrators. Our artists dazzle young readers worldwide with their astonishing artwork to help you crush story time. We specialize in a variety of 2D and 3D illustration techniques, including:

Digital Vector
Digital Freehand
Fill out the form below to request a quote for our magnificent children’s book illustration service. Note: illustrations are not included in our publishing packages.

Choose Your Package

Here are our three standard children’s book publishing packages, which include library distribution through several premier book retailers such as OverDrive, Baker & Taylor, bibliotheca®, and Ingram®. Take a look at the details below to find the package that’s just right for your book.

Children's Author Essentials

The Children’s Author Essentials Package offers everything an aspiring writer needs to begin their publishing journey. It includes a cover design, 20 paperback copies, global distribution, metadata management, sales tracking, and the ... More

  • Reflowable/Fixed-Layout eBook options
  • Choice of 20 paperback copies or 10 hardcover copies
  • Global Distribution to Stores and Libraries
  • Marketing Consultation
  • 36 pages included, $0.50/pg. for additional pages
  • Cover Design
  • Interior Design & Layout
Starting at $1,499.00

Children's Author Premium

Amaze readers with a spectacular design from eBooks2go’s Premium Cover Design templates. This service gives authors the creative liberty to incorporate multiple style elements into their ... More

  • Reflowable/Fixed-Layout eBook options
  • Choice of 30 paperback copies or 15 hardcover copies
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • $50 Instagram Ad Campaign
  • Media Kit
  • Email Blast to Librarians and Readers
  • Featured eBooks2go Author Program
  • 36 pages included, $0.50/pg. for additional pages
  • Cover Design
  • Interior Design & Layout
Starting at $2,499.00

Children's Author Elite

The Children’s Author Elite Package makes you the master of show and tell. In addition to having your story produced in both eBook and print formats, you receive ad campaigns for More

  • Reflowable/Fixed-Layout eBook options
  • Choice of 50 paperback copies or 25 hardcover copies
  • Marketing Consultation
  • $100 in Facebook Ads
  • $100 in Twitter Ads
  • $100 Instagram Ad Campaign
  • 8 pages included, $0.50/pg. for additional pages
  • Email Blast to Librarians and Readers
  • Featured eBooks2go Author Program
  • Press Release
  • Two Promotional Posters
  • Author Website Creation
  • 48 Pages Included, Additional Pages Cost $3.99/pg.
  • Cover Design
  • Interior Design & Layout
Starting at $4,999.00
If your children’s book requires additional assistance outside of what’s covered in our publishing packages, call us at (847) 598-1150 ext. 4141, to request a quote for a custom children’s book publishing package.