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eBooks2go’s self-publishing packages are one of the most sought-after book publishing solutions in the industry. Each publishing package is tailored to fit every author’s needs. In addition to print and eBook publishing, you will receive gorgeous front and back cover designs, book marketing assistance, global distribution of your book, ISBN numbers, book sales tracking, and even your own author website.

Start your journey on the path to publishing prosperity. Choose the self-publishing package that best fits your needs and watch your book soar to stardom.


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Why You Need Both Print and eBooks

Despite all of the latest innovations in technology, most people still prefer to read physical books. In 2019, print books accounted for an astounding 80 percent of the United States’ total book sales. However, according to a recent Pew study, eBooks are not going anywhere. Twenty-seven percent of Americans prefer to read both print books and eBooks. Plus, eBooks are extremely handy when people are commuting or on vacation.

When you are ready to self-publish your book, be smart. Create both print and electronic versions of your book.

Learn more about the importance of having both print books and eBooks, as well as how to prepare your manuscript for publishing with our Self-Publishing Guide.


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Why You Should Self-Publish Your Book with eBooks2go

Creative control, high royalties, and low printing costs? Self-publishing is an easy decision for writers these days. Whether you are a first-time author or an accomplished indie author, eBooks2go has all the tools and resources to realize your publishing dreams.

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