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Educational / Professional Resources

Have questions and need help?

Educational / Professional Resources

The solution to your academic publishing formula is within grasp! eBooks2go provides production answers that simplify your educational resource’s path to market and create a learning experience that resonates with your intended audience.

What We Publish

  • College and K–12 Textbooks
  • Foreign Language Resources
  • Instructional/How-to Guides
  • Leveled Readers
  • STEM References
  • Training Manuals

How we can Help

eBooks2go acts as a book publishing mentor. We utilize the invaluable knowledge from our staff’s 40+ years of collective industry experience to guide you throughout the various stages of production. You will learn...

  • The best book formats for your educational resource’s presentation.
  • How to structure any e-learning applications that supplement your content.
  • How to effectively use video and audio to communicate your instructional material.

At the same time, eBooks2go offers several production services to help your educational resource succeed:

  • Cover Design
  • Interior Page Design
  • Editing Services
  • Fact-checking Services
  • Navigational Index Link Embedding
  • Book Production
  • Art/Photo Acquisition and Permissions
  • Translation
  • Illustration
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • Video and Audio Embedding

What We’ve Done


Seven Steps to Production

Step 1

Create an Account

Step 2

Find Your Genre

Step 3

Select Your Publishing Package

Step 4

Upload Your Manuscript for Review

Step 5

Customize Your Book’s Look

Step 6

Choose Your Distribution Outlets

Step 7

Submit Your Order

Choose Package

choose your

Academic authors can choose from a variety of eBooks2go’s standard publishing packages, which all include library distribution through OverDrive, Baker & Taylor, bibliotheca®, and Ingram®. Review our package details below to find the best fit for publishing your educational resource.

If you wish to only publish a digital version of your educational book, click here to begin placing your eBook conversion order.

Author Essentials

Author Essentials

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Starting Price: $999.00

  • Basic Cover Design
  • Interior Design & Layout
  • Reflowable eBooks (ePub & mobi formats)
  • Help with Metadata creation
  • Global distribution with online retail store
  • Free Social Media Consultation
  • Free Account with eBooks2go to monitor sales & royalties
  • 200 Pages Included, Additional Pages Cost $3.99/pg.
  • 10 paperback copies
Author Essentials

Author Choice

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Starting Price: $1,999.00

Includes Author Essentials benefits plus:

  • Premium Cover Design and Page Layout Options
  • One Ad Campaign for Facebook
  • Email Promotion to Readers and Librarians
  • Press Release
  • Three-page Media Kit
  • 50 eBook Promo Codes
  • Special Featured Author Promotion on
  • 15 additional paperback copies
Author Essentials

Author Premium

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Starting Price: $2,999.00

Includes Author Choice benefits plus:

  • Fixed-layout eBook Option
  • Hardback Option for Print Copies
  • One Twitter Ad Campaign
  • One Instagram Ad Campaign
  • Email Promotion to Booksellers
  • One Editorial Review from IndieReader
  • Enrollment in the IndieReader Reader Review Program
Author Essentials

Author Deluxe

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Starting Price: $3,999.00

Includes Author Premium benefits plus:

  • Elite Design and Layout Options
  • Publishers Weekly Select Book Promotion
  • A $100 Ad Budget for Your Facebook Campaign ($50 increase)
  • 25 additional paperback copies
Author Essentials

Author Elite

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Starting Price: $4,999.00

Includes Author Deluxe benefits plus:

  • $150 Ad Budget for Facebook Campaign ($50 increase)
  • $100 Ad Budget for Twitter Campaign ($50 increase)
  • Author Website
  • Custom Store Setup on Author Website

If your book requires additional assistance outside of what’s covered in our publishing packages,
call (847) 598-1150 ext. 4141, to request a quote for a custom package.