How to get started

How to get started
Make some decisions!
Just like any other production process the more decisions you make up front the more likely the process will be painless and have a successful outcome.
Here are the questions that you need to ask yourself:
  • What is the best Eversion for my book: eBook, Enhanced eBook or eBook app? Remember enhancements should always be dictated by the content. If in doubt contact one of our advisors at
  • Which devices do I want my book to be available on? For maximum returns and readership we recommend converting your book to both epub and Kindle (Mobi) formats.
What you'll need to get started
  • The rights to publish your book
  • Permission to use any illustrations, text quotes, photo images, video or audio that you may include.
  • Final files in an acceptable format, including cover, all illustrations and photo art (unless you are planning on utilizing our art services).
  • A credit card or Paypal account.
Technical Details:
1.We accept the following file formats:
file formats
  • doc, .txt, .rtf, or .html files
  • PDFs of both text and images. PDF with a text layer is preferred
  • Proof your file for proper spelling, grammar, and syntax. Once your book has been converted to epub format, it's too late to fix a typo!
  • Do not use tabs or the space bar to format paragraphs or individual lines. Please use the format paragraph menu or the alignment buttons in the toolbar of your text-editing program.
  • Use a standard font for your document like Times New Roman, Arial or Courier New.
  • Do not use very large or very small font sizes. We recommend 12pt font size for body text and 14-18pt for chapter titles.
  • If you choose to include the publisher's name and address, the date of publication, copyright information, ISBN number, or any appropriate collaborative credits, please do so within the first two pages of the document.
2.If you are providing cover art please provide in the following format:
images format
  • Your book cover art must be at least 600 pixels along the larger axis and must be a TIFF, JPEG, or PNG file in RGB Color mode.
  • The largest pixel dimensions possible (for example, 1200 x 1200 pixels)
  • Do not scale up artwork if it is smaller than the required size
  • If you are scanning your cover art be sure to scan at the highest resolution, or at least 600 pixels along the larger axis.
  • Cover art must be at least 72 dots per inch (dpi)
  • Do not submit art that contains an embedded color profile, back cover, or thumbnail art
3.If you are providing epub file please be aware of the following:
  • We cannot make any changes to this file and are therefore not responsible for the final look of the book.
  • You must include an ISBN or and any other appropriate publisher information within the first two pages of the document. If you need us to provide a new ISBN we will do (see our ebook pricing page)