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At eBooks2go, we provide hassle-free eBook publishing for our authors. Our services are affordable, and we work within your allotted budget to ensure your unique needs are met. Publishing via eBook is the most cost-efficient way to self-publish; we market, distribute, and track your book sales when you publish with us.

Our professional expertise is converting eBooks from all formats into widely-used eBook files for every eReading device, including iPads, Kindle and Nook GlowLights. Browse our various services below to determine the right fit for you.

Simple eBook
A simple eBook, also known as a reflowable eBook, is an effortless conversion package for all authors. Reflowable eBooks are best for authors whose books have minimal images and formatting requirements. Books that are primarily text-based will transform with ease to a simple eBook. Converting your manuscript into a reflowable ebook makes your book visible on a multitude of eReading devices, from a variety of e-retailers, to tens of millions of readers worldwide.
eBooks2go - we are an eBook conversion services provider company. We hold a professional expertise to convert eBook from pdf, normal paperback, word document, or any text format into widely used eBooks format like kindle ebook conversion , nook ebook conversion and Mobipocket. We can also convert ebook in any other available format that depends your requirements.
Enhanced eBooks
With the improvements in recent eBook technology, readers have become more comfortable with "non-printed" books and there has been an increased demand for "Enhanced eBooks". The most dominant "enhancements" are the introduction of audio and video files into the "linear" story line of the book, something that cannot be done in a printed book.
Below are different types of enhanced eBook solutions available from us today.

Enhanced eBook - Fixed Layout Format information icon

If you have a Book where content and design are so intertwined that they can't be separated or any change in appearance risks changing the meaning or losing all meaning, then your best choice is to go with fixed layout format using ePUB3 standards. This format gives you greater control over content presentation. Some of the features include Pop up text/images, Footnote, internal and external links etc. This format is best for Children's illustrated Books, Picture Books, Coffee table books, Cook Books, Text Books and nonfiction books.

Fixed Layout eBook Conversion
Enhanced eBook - With Video / Audio information icon

Today's ePUB Technology supports adding videos / audios to your eBooks. If you are planning an enhanced eBook with Video / Audio or currently have an eBook and would like to enhance it by adding rich multimedia functions, internal/external links, foot notes etc, eBooks2go can help you realize goal.

Not all reading devices in the market today support ePUB files with Videos / Audios. The Most popular devices that support this format are iPad, Kindle Fire HD and recent Nook devices. This format is best for Non-Fiction books, Educational Books, Travel Guides, Maintenance Manuals, Cook Books etc

Enhanced eBook - Illustrated with Animation information icon

Fixed Layout Read Aloud books feature audio that can be selected to high light text and read the eBook aloud. You can embed Video, 2D or 3D Animation if needed. You can also add Popup Text, Images as slide shows, links and foot notes etc. These features can take the reader from "reading" to "experiencing" the book.This format is best for Educational & Children's Books.

Enhanced eBooks with these features today are supported mainly by iPad. This format is best for Educational & Children's Books. Enhanced eBook - Illustrated with Our team of Designers, Software experts, Artists and Content developers will work with you to transform your ideas and content into great looking enhanced eBooks.

PDF to ePUB Conversion Illustrated eBooks

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