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While you want to inspire future writers with your work, remember that this was your idea, and you deserve proper recognition. Keep your intellectual property safe by registering your book for copyright protection. As long as your literary work is original and can be seen in a “tangible form of expression”, then your book qualifies for protection.

Authors can now register for copyright through eBooks2go. We will relieve you of the tedious application process and submit the form on your behalf. Within a few months, a certificate will be mailed to your door and your book will receive a 60-year safety net.

ISBN Registration

One of the most overlooked aspects of your book is its ISBN number. It opens so many doors, as it expands your work’s distribution options. Most retailers actually require the special identification number to track inventory. So if you want to reach as many readers as possible, order an ISBN for your book today. Only $9.99 per format.



Connect with new audiences through eBooks2go’s translation service. Our vast distribution network can deliver your eBook to more than 200 countries. However, the world does not have a universal first language, so a book written in English may not be attractive to a reader in France or China. Yet, there are readers across the world who would probably be interested in your book, if only they knew what the words on the page meant.

eBooks2go’s translation service bridges the gap between you and the emerging, untapped eBook markets. Our translation partner understands the intricacies behind the connotations and meanings of your words in other cultures, and subsequently modify the phrasing for the most accurate portrayal of the messages and stories inside your book. Here are some of the language conversions we provide:

Get on the same page with your target audience and translate your book through eBooks2go.