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Cookbooks / Travel Guides

Cookbooks/Travel Guides

eBooks2go has all the ingredients you need to publish a visually stunning cookbook or a travel guide that encourages readers to tackle a new adventure. A dash of seasoned publishing consultants to advise you on the creative direction for your book, a production team to blend your vision with the editorial needs of your manuscript, and pinches of intrigue and pizazz from our cover designer to garnish the exterior.


How we can Help

In food presentation, the art of plating is just as essential as taste and flavor. In publishing, cover and page design are the plating for books, and provide an equally powerful effect. You want the presentation of your book to convey the majestic beauty of the waterfalls for a travel guide, or to stir up a delicious craving in the case of cookbooks. Our designers will work with you to create a design that will capture your vision and stimulate the senses.

Additionally, eBooks2go offers several services to help your content inspire readers to experience something new:

  • Proofreading and Editing Services
  • Cover Designs
  • Video and Audio Embedding
  • Translations
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Global Distribution

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Seven Steps to Production

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Ready to explore the world of self-publishing? Cookbook and travel guide authors can choose from our standard publishing packages, which include distribution. Apple’s iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Google, Kobo, and Ingram® are just a few of the retailing options authors receive in eBooks2go’s vast distribution network. Review the package details below to begin customizing your order.

Author Essentials

Author Essentials

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Starting Price: $999.00

  • Basic Cover Design
  • Interior Design & Layout
  • Reflowable eBooks (ePub & mobi formats)
  • Help with Metadata creation
  • Global distribution with online retail store
  • Free Social Media Consultation
  • Free Account with eBooks2go to monitor sales & royalties
  • 200 Pages Included, Additional Pages Cost $3.99/pg.
  • 10 paperback copies
Author Essentials

Author Choice

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Starting Price: $1,999.00

Includes Author Essentials benefits plus:

  • Premium Cover Design and Page Layout Options
  • One Ad Campaign for Facebook
  • Email Promotion to Readers and Librarians
  • Press Release
  • Three-page Media Kit
  • 50 eBook Promo Codes
  • Special Featured Author Promotion on
  • 15 additional paperback copies
Author Essentials

Author Premium

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Starting Price: $2,699.00 $2,999.00

Includes Author Choice benefits plus:

  • Fixed-layout eBook Option
  • Hardback Option for Print Copies
  • One Twitter Ad Campaign
  • One Instagram Ad Campaign
  • Email Promotion to Booksellers
  • One Editorial Review from IndieReader
  • Enrollment in the IndieReader Reader Review Program
Author Essentials

Author Deluxe

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Starting Price: $3,999.00

Includes Author Premium benefits plus:

  • Elite Design and Layout Options
  • Publishers Weekly Select Book Promotion
  • A $100 Ad Budget for Your Facebook Campaign ($50 increase)
  • 25 additional paperback copies
Author Essentials

Author Elite

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Starting Price: $4,499.00 $4,999.00

Includes Author Deluxe benefits plus:

  • $150 Ad Budget for Facebook Campaign ($50 increase)
  • $100 Ad Budget for Twitter Campaign ($50 increase)
  • Author Website
  • Custom Store Setup on Author Website

Not sure on which format is best for your cookbook or travel guide? Call (847) 598-1150 ext. 4141, to request a quote for a custom package from one of our publishing consultants.