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The Agile and Accommodating eBook Conversion Service

eBooks2go specializes in transforming books, academic content, journals, manuals, and raw manuscripts into easy-to-access ePublishing formats such as ePub, ePub3, fixed-layout eBooks with audio syncing, web-ready eBooks, as well as into other XML formats including XML tagging and metadata attributes. eBooks2go has a highly skilled team with extensive experience in managing very complex projects that contain equations, tables, chemical formulae, etc. The team also possesses extensive foreign language capabilities and can produce eBooks in various other languages, including European, Arabic, and Mandarin.

Our eBook Conversion Capabilities

We can convert print and digital titles into interactive eBooks by including multimedia content, such as audio and video files, 2D and 3D animations, cross-references, footnotes, annotations, etc. that are compatible with all major devices.

Reflowable eBooks

eBooks2go offers conversion services for eBooks from PDF format, normal paperback, word document, or any text format into widely used eBook formats such as ePub 3.1, ePub 2.0, Kindle, Nook, etc.

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Fixed Layout eBooks

eBooks2go offers high-quality, fixed layout ePub conversion services. This format is best suited for children’s Books, textbooks, business manuals, academic publications, travel guides, industrial catalogs, cookbooks and so on.

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Interactive and Animated eBooks

eBooks2go has extensive experience in creating a wide variety of digital interactive eBooks for an immersive reading experience.

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Impeccable Hustle

When our production team locks onto a target date, they never miss. They also never disappoint. Without sacrificing quality, eBooks2go delivers beautiful reflowable eBooks back to its customers in just two business days. If you have a more complex project, contact our team for turnaround times regarding fixed-layout and enhanced eBook conversions.

A Proven Track Record

Our flawless production team has performed more than 50,000 eBook conversions for over 300 book publishers worldwide. Some of our notable clients include Boys Town Press, Turath Publishing, and Teacher Created Materials.

Optimize your eBook production workflow with eBooks2go.

Acting as an extension of your team, we will help you meet tight deadlines, reach new markets, and increase your overall output. Plus getting started is simple. All you need to do is fill out the web form at the bottom of the page and request a quote for our reliable eBook conversion service.

The First Conversion Is on Us

Our all-star production team can perform just about any type of eBook conversion including HTML5 to ePUB, PDF to Mobi, and ePUB to Mobi. We also accept InDesign and Quark files. Click on the button to below to get pricing.

No longer have an electronic copy of the manuscript available? Get a scanned conversion with eBooks2go. Call us today to learn more at (847) 598-1150 ext. 4141.

Like to work on a partnership model?

Looking for a long-term eBook conversion partner? eBooks2go offers a variety of flexible partnership models to work within your means including volume discount and revenue-sharing arrangements. Call (847) 598-1150 today to find out why eBooks2go is the most cost-effective solution for you.