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Children's Premium Publishing Package Details

The Author Premium Package transforms your imagination and passion into a career. Children’s authors receive eBooks in both ePub and Mobi file formats, 30 paperback copies to hand out at readings and book fairs, worldwide distribution of their title, sales tracking, metadata management, one ad campaign for Facebook and Instagram, email promotion to readers and librarians, a media kit, 100 eBook gift cards, and a special Featured Author promotion on


Package Breakdown

The Premium Cover Design Package

The Author Premium Package provides you a cover design from our Premium Design template bank. Each template gives authors the liberty to incorporate layered images, shadow effects, and borders into their book’s cover design. You will receive three samples from our team for review and approval with two rounds of revisions included. If you are not satisfied with the sample templates available in this package, please contact our publishing consultant to get a custom design made for your book.

Interior Design & Layout:

Our publishing team will work with you to pick a layout from our template bank and format the manuscript to meet your book’s requirements. You receive three samples of layouts for your approval after which the final production begins - two rounds and a final print-ready PDF file.

eBook Distribution

Sharing your story with children in faraway lands has never been easier. When you publish with us, your title gets distributed to more than 200 countries.


Library and School Retailers

Print Distribution

eBooks2go’s children’s authors receive print distribution through Ingram Micro, one of the largest book distributors worldwide. Rather than ordering thousands of books in one massive print run, authors can mass distribute their work online through our print-on-demand program. In addition to your own orders, Ingram will print your books when purchases are made through their partnering retailers. Some of the notable stores in Ingram’s distribution network include:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Books-a-Million
  • Chapters Indigo
  • Fishpond
  • Gardner’s
  • Waterstones
  • Walmart
Marketing Consultation

eBooks2go wants to set its authors up for success. Our consultations help you develop a deeper understanding of social media, publicity, metadata and building your author brand in general. Additionally, we help you create your custom marketing plan and provide sample posts for the social media networks that best align with your book.

  • What to post on social media
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Email marketing
  • How to build your author website
  • Metadata (keyword selection, genre positioning, etc.)

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