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Founded in 2011, eBooks2go is a leading solutions provider for book publishers worldwide. We deliver a holistic system that includes eBook publishing , online distribution, website development, and sales reporting. With eBooks2go as your content conversion and distribution partner, you gain instant access to an accomplished production team that complements your vision and supplements your content.

Publishers face immense challenges as a result of rapid technological changes. eBooks2go strives to continue to be at the forefront of these innovative advancements. We have helped hundreds of publishers identify new revenue streams, develop new products, repurpose existing content, and increase monetization channels.

Our digital product portfolio includes:

  • Reflowable eBooks
  • Fixed-Layout eBooks
  • Flipbooks and Audio Books
  • Enhanced eBooks (Audio, Video, Read Aloud with Text Highlights, Unique Widgets, and Animation)
  • Mobile Apps for iOS and Android Devices

How We Work with Publishers

eBooks2go works with publishers in many capacities. For some publishers, we are the go to vendor for all their digital production needs. We offer special pricing on production services, volume discounts, and flexible payment terms.

For other publishers, we act as a true partner for their digital production. We work with them on a revenue/profit sharing basis, with no upfront costs for content conversion and distribution. We take full responsibility for converting all the print titles into various digital formats including eBooks, enhanced eBooks mobile apps, and other formats as needed.

Once content is converted, we distribute it worldwide through various online retail stores. Publishers will be able to track each book sale through their portal and evaluate how each title is performing in the market. Many of our publishing partners benefitted greatly with zero dollars of investment in digital production and are continuing to earn revenues on their digital content.

If you are looking for a true digital content partner, we are just a step away. Please call us or submit this form and our client relationship manager will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Publishers


Ebook Distribution Services

eBook Distribution

Simplify your eBook distribution with eBooks2go. Our powerful web platform eliminates the hassles involved in the distribution process, allowing you to manage your metadata, distribute your digital catalogs worldwide, and track sales—all from one single location. Additionally, eBooks2go secures your titles with digital rights management, reducing your piracy risk and alleviating copyright concerns.

We partner with many of the largest and most prominent online book retailers, giving you unprecedented access to global markets in more than 200 countries.

Production Services

eBooks2go’s production services streamline digital content strategies and address the challenges publishers face in the ever-changing technology world. We pride ourselves on being nimble and versatile. With impeccable efficiency, we can turn your PDF, Word document, or even a print book into the latest ePUB and Mobi file formats in just a matter of days. We can also ensure beautiful print products through our copy editing, proofreading, fact-checking, cover design, interior design, and final pre-press services. No matter the genre, trim size, or file format, eBooks2go delivers quality you can trust.

publishing translations


Only 25% of the world uses English as a first language. There are billions of readers who are not able to appreciate the incredible content in your catalog. Introduce your titles with an accurate and affordable translation from eBooks2go. Here is a sampling of the language conversions we can provide for your titles:

The Case for an eBooks2go Partnership

  • Extensive experience in delivering innovative solutions to the publishing industry
  • Flexible engagement terms and partnership models to fit your needs
  • Launch new products into the market quickly
  • Precise reporting and insightful analytics to lead future direction and strategies
  • Integrated digital platform management for content, metadata, rights, territories, sales, and royalties
  • Global reach with a local touch to help projects move rapidly and efficiently
  • Dedicated and accessible customer support
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