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Free Book Marketing Gift with Package Order!

The holidays are here and eBooks2go has an early Christmas present for indie authors. For the first time in our company’s history, we will be offering you absolutely free any of the following book marketing services worth $500

  • Author/Book video trailer

    Author/Book video trailer

    Author website

    Author website

    Facebook ad Campaign

    Facebook ad Campaign

When you choose any self-publishing package, we will automatically add your marketing gift selection to the order page at the time of checkout. All self-publishing packages qualify for this limited-time offer. This offer ends on January 31st, so please hurry!

Option 1: Free Video Trailer

Why Should You Choose a Video Trailer?

  • Video is the most engaging form of media
  • People are 95% more likely to remember a call-to-action after watching a video
  • It tells your story in a compelling, visual way
  • A trailer has the potential to go viral

Video trailers on YouTube add to your online presence as they improve your book’s search engine optimization and increase the probability of getting found easily. Here are a few examples of book trailers that will excite readers.

Pahlke’s Book Trailer

John Merenda’s Book Trailer

What’s Included in eBooks2go’s Book Trailer Service?

  • One 30-second video
  • Copywriting for video script
  • Animation and graphic design for book trailer
  • Distribution of your book trailer to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • An end-of-campaign report that shows how many people engaged with your book trailer

Option 2: Author Website

Why Should You Choose an Author Website?

  • It builds your email list, which you will need to depend on when you publish new titles.
  • It drives web traffic to your books.
  • It provides a platform for you to showcase your personality and announce author events.
  • It helps with search engine optimization and social media marketing

An author’s website is the foundation of every author platform. It begins the conversation with your new fans, establishes your online presence on search engines, and directs readers to all of your pertinent web pages. Check out the website we did for John Morgan Mullen.

What’s Included in My Author Website?

  • Home page
  • About the Author page
  • Book Description page with buttons that link to each retail store
  • Contact Us page
  • On and off-page search engine optimization
  • Hosting for 1 year

Option 3: Free Facebook Ad Campaign

Why Should You Choose a Facebook Ad?

  • Facebook provides the highest return on investment for social media marketing
  • Expands your marketing reach
  • Supplies you with insight about your target audience
  • Facebook allows for targeted marketing.
  • You can finetune an ad campaign to target a specific group with a predefined budget

What’s Included in My Facebook Ad

  • Copywriting and graphic design for Facebook ad
  • Target audience creation
  • Campaign management
  • An end-of-campaign report summarizing your Facebook ad’s performance

To get book sales, you need to spread the word about your new book, and eBooks2go’s marketing specialists will ensure your message is shared with the right readers. Announce your release to the world with the most effective social network in book marketing.

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