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eBooks2go Publisher Affiliate Program

No Risk. Great Reward.

The New and Smart Way to Make Money Off Your eBooks

Generate more eBook sales revenue than ever before and increase your customer loyalty with our brand new Publisher Affiliate Program. Our user-friendly and cost-effective solution allows you to securely sell your electronic titles straight to the end-user.

EasyReadz - A Reader App Unlike Any Other

eBooks2go is proud to unveil EasyReadz, a simple and affordable solution to address your eCommerce needs. Most publishers today only sell print books through their own website. The technology to provide instant reading access to eBooks is too expensive to implement and requires continuous maintenance, upgrades, and enhancements. After being in the industry for nearly a decade, no one understands these challenges better than us, and that is why we’ve built an application this time around that is designed and developed for book publishers.

A Treasure Trove of Data

Our Publisher Affiliate Program also gives you the key to valuable customer insights. Our application’s sales reporting system captures the customer’s email and names, as well as the title they purchased so you can tailor your marketing efforts, grow your email lists, and retain your new fans. We will also provide metrics related to number of views of your catalog, sample downloads, number of clicks on your books, etc.

Sell eBooks and Audiobooks from your website directly

Our Publisher Affiliate Program is a user-friendly direct-to-reader (D2R) solution that allows you to securely sell your eBooks and audiobooks straight to the end customer. Your customers can buy your digital content from your online store, read the eBooks, and/or listen to audiobooks within a single native app on iOS and Android, and without the problems of other DRM offerings. And the best part is that you won’t have to split the profits with any retailer. You keep 100 percent of every sale!

Technical Support

eBooks2go will work with your IT team and provide the necessary guidance for setting up eBook sales through your website. We will also assist in connecting your catalog with EasyReadz App for sales from the App. We will continuously monitor and provide recommendations and feedback.

How Publisher Affiliate Program will Help You Sell More Books

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Start converting your authors’ fans into your fans. Increase your eBook sales and customer loyalty with EasyReadz.

Features of EasyReadz App

  • Display the latest catalog of books
  • Display new releases, popular books, fiction, non-fiction, and more
  • Display book information pages
  • Book reviews
  • DRM protection for the books sold
  • Push notifications to all App users
  • Instant reading access to your eBook customers
  • Cloud sync across devices
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Why Join Our Publisher Affiliate Program

  • Sells eBooks directly from your website
  • Provide instant reading access to your clients through the App
  • Retain 100 percent of Book Revenues
  • Increased customer satisfaction and grow customer base
  • Improves visibility and increases brand value
  • Grow your list with ease with no additional cost
  • Provide exclusive sneak peeks into new releases of Books
  • Send real-time information about coupons, promotional campaigns directly to your customers
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