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eBooks2go has one of the most robust ebook conversion offerings for publishers. Our company delivers a holistic system that includes, but is not limited to eBook publishing, online distribution, eLearning, website and app development, and sales reporting.

Publishers face enormous challenges as a result of rapid technological changes, but we ensure that we are at the forefront of those advancements so you do not have to invest important capital to compete with your competitors. With eBooks2go as your content conversion and distribution partner, you have instant access to a team of highly experienced digital publishing professionals to guide you through the various digital publishing standards to help you chose the right strategy for your company.

We can take all of your back list of titles and quickly convert them to the various digital file formats for all eReading devices for rapid entry into the eBook market. We can also work with your editorial and marketing teams to evaluate specific titles that could benefit from the addition of enhanced features to appeal to a larger audience. By talking to our specialist you will be able to plan an XML workflow to move you in the right direction.

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Our specialized team will work with you closely to define and build a sustainable digital strategy so that you do not invest in digital infrastructure. Contact one of our sales representatives for partnerships and packages with eBooks2go.